HOW TO REACH ANAKAO: Anakao is not easily accessible and this is one of the best experience of your holiday. You will arrive at Tulear by plane or jeep (we can help you to book) and then at  9am you get up your luggage on Zebu's towed wagons, to be taken to the motorboat that in 45 minutes will leave you in front of the center, on the white beach. The return is at 7.30 in the morning on the same way. So please consider that when you think how many days you can make activities.  
 We do not have accommodation but we can help you find a place in the hotels just a few steps away from us, there are any budget and typology, do not hesitate to ask us! We will go to pick you up for activities and excursions. 

OUR NEIGHBORS: we are in a Vezo village, a people of Asian origins present in the southwest of Madagascar, on a coastal territory roughly from Anakao (50 km south of Toliara) to Morondava (400 km north). They are great fishermen, and with their pirogues they chase the fishponds offshore even for many days. When they are having to spend the night at sea, they "camp" using sails to assemble rudimentary tents; because of this custom are called "nomads of the sea". With them we will discover the beaches and islands around Anakao.
Nobody acept credit card in Anakao and there are not banks/atm. Anyhow you can pay activities by euro, dollars, aryari or paypal.
TRANSPORT & BAGGAGE: On local flight only a 20 kg baggage is accepted, but you will not need a lot here, a pareo, slippers, costume, sun protection and sweatshirt for the evening. Anyhow if you forget something, in Toliara you will find all you need. 
WEATHER: from April to September it is winter, this means 25/28 degrees during the day, cooler at night.
From September to January it's summer, temperatures reach 40 degrees, but it's always windy.
From January to April it can rain often. Il Camaleonte water sports center remains closed.